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Davy Jones
21 May 2008 @ 06:21 pm

I escaped from Moonbase Cfudnetwork!

I killed Ambassador Overshadowed , Notjealous the plasma cloud, Ambassador Screwfate, Ambassador Latrine Orderly, Arse Nick the cargobot, Ambassador Bad Blue Balls, Marezydoats the awful green thing, And Thats It the tribble, Outer Monologue the cyborg, The Ex Flame the space pirate, Ambassador Stop Mallettime, Veryshocking the maintenance droid, Skrullfking the nutrivend drinks machine, Fangedbox the security officer, Themostprecious the nutrivend drinks machine, Nocked Up the nutrivend drinks machine, Imgottapower the space pirate, Rafalzokusenshi the cargobot, Blooscrnofdeath the cyborg, Cheerupemosquid the red-shirted ensign, Moobsareatrap the tribble, Touchurkeys the Phogon warbot, Onerrantry the tribble, Willcute4food the maintenance droid, Makealittlecash the Phogon warbot, Aneye4aneye the nutrivend drinks machine, Its Sho Time the tribble, Ocimum the engineer, Steadysword the maintenance droid, Putyourheartin the nutrivend drinks machine, Sharpasfire the nutrivend drinks machine, Sauce Plz the security officer, Haberdashing the nutrivend drinks machine, Smileandforgive the shapeshifter, Ofthestorm the maintenance droid, Yournameisbitch the medibot, Wickedragonlady the awful green thing, Abusedbypi the tribble, Chasinaftermoon the tribble, Wei2go the shapeshifter, Ambassador Athousandandnun, Sod Off Spark the red-shirted ensign, Biggestinjapan the maintenance droid, Ahotpeace the tribble, Oldmanoncampus the medibot, Bitchgotbitches the maintenance droid and Trapninja the awful green thing.

I salvaged a HAMMER forcefield generator, the Log of the USS Cuevoiceover, a Vorecrimesian raygun, an Itsthemaskian artefact, an INURBASE-10 plasma rifle, a 5meansgo model hazmat suit, an SHUNNNNNNNN-190 phaser, a Noarmyatmyback screwdriver, an Apps model hazmat suit, a parasolherolithium crystal, an WONDERLANDSTYLE-30 phaser, a DRESSINDARKNESS-20 plasma rifle, a senttotryuslithium crystal, the Log of the USS Its All Mental, the Log of the USS Getrhythmic, the Log of the USS Yuumama, a Reyflectionian artefact, an APPLICATIONS-10 plasma rifle, an A-HOLY-4700 supercomputer, an atyeastitriedlithium crystal, Cest Untrap's commbadge, a MODSEX forcefield generator, a Bitemydaffodilian deathblade, an BOX-WOMAN:-WUT-10 phaser, an ALUCKYSHOT-10 plasma rifle, an SAY-NIETZSCHE-200 phaser, an Ishidork screwdriver, Canned Al's commbadge, an COCK-MY-GUN-80 phaser, a COCKRO forcefield generator, an DEVILMAYQUEER-160 phaser, an Omgotp11one screwdriver, a Betterthnyours screwdriver, a Playercest model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Say Thee Nay, an ANDDIE forcefield generator, an Imimpulseian deathblade, an Oneknightstands screwdriver, a YAKKET forcefield generator, a BOX-WO forcefield generator, Driveyouhard's commbadge, Admiralawyer's commbadge, a Dropping model hazmat suit, a candyapplelolilithium crystal, a BOX-WO forcefield generator, a Sleepisforthezzian deathblade, an Oztensiblyian raygun, a BANHAM-8100 supercomputer, a Box-Woman:-Wut model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Doesnot Compute, a QUEENO forcefield generator, a Foxinthefire model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Ninjaothenighty, an APPING forcefield generator, a MOUTHF forcefield generator, the Log of the USS Usin Ur Images, Dotdotdotsocute's commbadge, a Soundslikepiian raygun, a Box-Woman:-Wut model hazmat suit, the Log of the USS Gettin Fired Up, a FINGER-9600 supercomputer, a CFUDNE-9200 supercomputer, an Eggsplosiveian raygun, a Thenumberisalie model hazmat suit, an ART-CR forcefield generator, a CULLINGCLOUDS-10 plasma rifle, a HAREDR-4700 supercomputer, a BOX-WO-6200 supercomputer, a mindscrewedlithium crystal, a TOUGA-PARTY-30 plasma rifle, 403rtfm's commbadge, the Log of the USS Notarabbit, an Allofherperks screwdriver, a Head-Overheels screwdriver, the Log of the USS Hacksurpants, a Box-Woman:-Wut model hazmat suit, an Amurderofian artefact and 1201 galacticredits.

Score: 3651

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Davy Jones
...kl;ashdfgds who bought this account????

AND NOW, THAT ICON MEME. In no particular order.

I have far too many characters sobCollapse )

I will keep updating as more people ask. o/ IF THERE IS AN ICON YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT, just do so in the comments. I have nothing better to do at work.
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Davy Jones
09 March 2008 @ 03:12 pm
268K 1:24
(no transcription available)
Davy Jones
18 February 2008 @ 08:41 am

My computer has been a swirling vortex of suckitude for the past month and some due to SPAM and BAD THINGS and it damn near made me cry. Currently, I can start it, log on, and... that's it. I can't even open IRC anymore., and it had been at least letting me do that for the last little while.

The worst part is that the kid in the electronics department at Walmart just laughed at me when he realized they were out of computers. "HA HA, oh well! I guess I can go check in the back for you, buuut there isn't going to be anything there ha ha ha." Fucking electro!Yama. He proceeded to then laugh harder when he came back, stating that they were ENTIRELY GONE with absolutely nothing left, and then suggested I go to Staples.

... way to support your own job, kid. Way to go.

I've got the net at work, but I have absolutely no luck -- which is to say that today is a snow day and I've distracted the three children I watch on a daily basis long enough to type this up.

So for hiatus reasons, assume my characters (Tot, Atsuko, Gohan, Davy Jones, and Ryomou) have disappeared off the face of camp. They will return triumphantly as soon as I get my ass to the only computer store in town -- which, as this is a small town and incestuous nature is rampant, is owned and operated by my cousin's husband.

... shit and buying in this state means I have to pay sales tax. DAMN YOU, NEW HAMPSHIRE WALMART. DAMN YOUUUU.
Davy Jones
24 December 2007 @ 08:51 pm


TotCollapse )

AtsukoCollapse )

RyomouCollapse )

Gohan does not celebrate but if you are a FRIEND OF HIS ♥ you will probably get a HAPPY HOLIDAYS card next week. And Davy Jones' only gift is the gift of a swift and merciless death if you bug him. At all.
Davy Jones
03 December 2007 @ 10:19 pm
Davy Jones
30 October 2007 @ 11:57 am
It's been a long time in coming, but finally, after months of hard work and laboring over a hot computer, I have ripped and uploaded all the tracks to the Davy Jones Pop and Emo FST!

Note how the songs are not in order and there is no lovely cover art. It's... coming. Um. Eventually. Until then rejoice! For I have finished with the tracks and the title.

My Tentacle RomanceCollapse )

Download the entire shebang here!
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Davy Jones
09 October 2007 @ 04:06 pm
161K 0:51
“... I sing the ABCs with a three-year old.”

Transcribed by: cheerupemosquid
Davy Jones
29 September 2007 @ 07:34 pm
161K 0:52
(no transcription available)